In Limbo Embassy | Embassy for the undocumented
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In Limbo Embassy



In Limbo Embassy is a traveling embassy that represents refugees ‘in limbo’: those who are caught between two stools.
Many of them do not feel represented by their own Embassy or by the media. With undocumented refugees as ambassadors, In Limbo creates awareness about their situation and involves society in this issue. This Embassy functions as a neutral meeting place that travels to people facilitating direct contact between citizens and asylum seekers in Limbo.


 In Limbo Embassy was a one year lasting project (June 2015 until June 2016)


The Embassy could start moving because of our Allies. Thanks to:

The Embassy

The In Limbo Embassy represents a group of people, not a piece of land. The Embassy is a traveling embassy for refugees asylum seekers and undocumented migrants who fall through the cracks. With asylum seekers as ambassadors, the In Limbo Embassy aims to shed a different light on the undocumented.


The In Limbo Embassy was founded for people who are ‘in limbo’; refugees who are not allowed to stay in the Netherlands, but who also cannot go back to their country of origin because of invalid travel documents or an unsafe situation in their native country.

Many of them do not feel represented by their own embassy or by the media. The traveling embassy is a neutral meeting space. The mobile office will travel to different locations in the Netherlands. Here the ambassadors will invite local residents, passers-by and government officials to join the conversation. The Embassy is a space for dialogue, debate and cultural exchange on equal footing.


The In Limbo Embassy is based on the concept of a real embassy, but at the same time it goes against its ethos. This embassy represents a group of people who are in limbo, not a piece of land. It explores legal loopholes to give asylum seekers opportunities to contribute to society.

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In Limbo Embassy 2015 | an initiative of Manon van Hoeckel | website by Bo Meskers